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"From science to experience, we are
healing from WITHIN."

My name is Samara Nanayakkara, aka the Lady Parts Physio.  I'm the Pelvic Floor & Maternal Health Physio at Waverley Private Hospital, & the founder of Woman Within Physiotherapy.  My calling to help people through the most intimate times of their lives sprung from my own secret & lonely struggle with pelvic pain, pre – menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) & hormone imbalances.

“I wish someone had told me about this.”

Years of my own experiences, research & numerous consultations with specialists have amounted to my holistic treatment programs today.  People of all ages & backgrounds would tell me the difficulties faced through their entry into menarche, sexual relationships, birthing journey, or the transition to menopause. Not knowing what treatment options were available, let alone who to ask, they too, suffered in silence.

My online video & in - person consultations have helped people regain  bladder & bowel control, strengthen their pelvic floors, reduce pain with intercourse & increase the enjoyment of intimacy after childbirth.

About Me


Your assessment and treatment
will be tailored for you.


Physiotherapy Services

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Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or exercise?

Do you rush to make it to the toilet in time?

Do you feel that you are always going to the toilet?

Do you find intercourse painful or difficult?

Is it hard to insert a tampon?


Do you have painful orgasms, or can’t orgasm at all?


M2F & F2M

pre & post - surgical care

Posture & breathing issues from hormones & binders

Scar management

Do you accidentally pass wind or soil your underwear?

Do you rush to make it to the toilet in time for a bowel motion?

Is it difficult to completely empty your bowel?


Do you find walking, stairs, sitting and rolling in bed painful or difficult?

Does you back and hips ache?

Does your vagina feel dry?

Does wind escape the vagina when you do yoga, cough, sneeze or laugh?

Do you have a heavy/ open sensation in your vagina or rectum?

Have you been diagnosed with a bladder, uterine or bowel prolapse?

Do you need a pessary fitted for a pelvic organ prolapse?

Do you have a blocked duct?

Do you have redness, a lump, a fever & difficulty draining the breast while feeding?

Do you want to return to exercise after having your bub?

Are you unsure of when you can start running & jumping?

What core exercises are safe to do?

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Operates Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday from:

Performance Plus Health

located in Rowville Health

12-14 St Lawrence Way, Rowville VIC 3178

9815 2555

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Woman Within Physiotherapy donates to the  Karen Rubera Foundation - empowering women in Sri Lanka with access to better healthcare.
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