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  • Samara Nanayakkara

The Journey Begins

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Let me explain why I am obsessed with the women’s health and wellness, particularly the pelvic floor. When I was about 10 years old I would see my mum (frequently) on the phone and (frequently) laughing, until her face turned to panic. She would throw the cordless phone onto the couch and hurry with a glued – knees kind of shuffle that I just didn’t get until I turned 19 years old, and started fitness classes at my local YMCA.

But I didn’t have problems, I thought. I’d just drink less water throughout the day when I had BodyAttack at 6pm. I’d pee right before class, and then run off to the bathroom in the middle of the ‘running track,’ aka my toilet break. There was already a line when I got there. “What are you doing here?! You haven’t had kids yet!” The mums in the class would exclaim! Blushing a little, I didn’t know what to tell them.

Growing up as a gymnast, sprinter, cheerleader and eventual gym junkie, you were told sports were good for you, right? It would make your muscles stronger and keep those drinks and pizza at 2am at bay, right? As the early 2000s dawned, the next big fitness trend was Crossfit. Yep. 6am sprints, burpees, box jumps, and double unders still had me running to the bathroom and despite exasperated modifications from my trainer – “just do what you can” – I would always leave annoyed and disappointed I couldn’t smash out a proper workout BECAUSE I KEPT PEEING MYSELF. I was 23 at the time. No babies. Just a trampoline for a pelvic floor from all my running, jumping and bouncing through my youth.

Age 25 – at a routine “women’s issues” check up with my GP, she made no secret of the struggle to use an adult – sized speculum for me. “Your muscles are…tight…” She said tentatively. “It’s good!” Erm, say what? My muscles were tight, but I still couldn’t use a skipping rope like an adult, and that was a good thing?!

Hence my journey for my own answers began.

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton
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